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U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) + Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Buildings Technology

DOE/ORNL Workshop "Three Decades of Lessons Learned"
Detailed proceedings, 850-page eBook & 3,000 slides available on CD-ROM

Larry Hartweg's Comprehensive Workshop on Environmentally-Friendly Zero Energy " Holistic Building Design " with
Passive-and-Active Heating and COOLING

Once every three years, the U.S. Department Of Energy ( US DOE ), and Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL ), sponsor an International Buildings Conference. For their prestigious Tenth Conference,
Larry Hartweg of Zero Energy Design®, Inc. was selected as the featured primary all-day workshop speaker to present “Three Decades of Lessons Learned.” He is one of very few energy experts in the world with the experience and track record to teach these valuable lessons to others. Much of his ZED integrated material is not available from any other source.

Since the first solar energy tax credits in 1978, Hartweg has been the largest exhibitor and most popular speaker at the National Energy Expositions. His insight, and three decades of experience eliminating energy bills, are unique. Larry is a Second Generation Energy Research Scientist, highly focused on cost-effective, innovative, “free” energy solutions, which can in some cases cost LESS that conventional building construction.

Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature is arguably The Number One Solution to the Number One Problem in the world today.

ZED can in one generation ELIMINATE the need for: energy imports, sending trillions of dollars to oil-rich nations that harbor radical terrorists, oil-related wars, bad balance of trade, trillions of dollars of national debt passed on to our grandchildren, ecological damage caused by burning fossil fuels (coal / oil / gas), and expensive energy’s consumption of scarce funds that could otherwise be spent much better to provide: good domestic jobs, superior education, healthier food, housing, clothes, and improved healthcare for EVERYONE.

The money the U.S. has unnecessarily wasted on oil-related war and foreign energy imports in the last six years could feed, clothe, and house every human on Earth for well over 20 years.

Plentiful, clean, renewable, "free" solar and wind energy, and more-efficient use of available energy, are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the future growth and prosperity of all humanity.

We do NOT need to wait for new technology. Zero Energy Design® Holistic Systems Engineering has all of the answers we need TODAY. All that is missing is ZED education and the elimination of subsidies for fossil-fuel politics-as-usual.


Outline of the 2007 DOE / ORNL“Three Decades of Lessons Learned” Workshop

To order a copy of the U.S. DOE / ORNL Workshop handout CD-ROM Click here


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Since 1979 ZeroEnergyDesign.comTM/ Natural Energy Applied Research

has Imagineered hundreds of Near-Zero Energy Buildings.

World’s Foremost ZED Masters

Larry Hartweg selected by U.S. Department of Energy ( US DOE )
Oakridge National Labs ( ORNL ) to present workshop on
“Three Decades of Lessons Learned”
At the prestigious US DOE International Buildings
Conference in Clearwater - December 2007

Over 500 Workshop Slides and Supplemental Materiel's on the ZED CD ROM

Session 1 – Envelope Design Basics – Minimizing Undesirable Heat Transfer
Zero Energy Design® Is 90% Conservation – NOT just PV on an inefficient house
Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Low Cost Innovative Super Insulation
Windows and Doors, Walls, Floors, Ceiling and Roof Solutions
Hundreds Of New Ways To Reduce Heat Transfer
Enthalpy and Critical Issues in Human Comfort Monitoring and Control
Session 2 – Passive Solar Heating – Zero Energy Design® – Generating as much as we consume
Solarium, Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic, (or Geothermal, Wind, Micro Hydro)
Two Small Delta T’s are much better than One Large Delta T
Self-Regulating Zero Energy Natural Convection Solar Heat Distribution Design
Using Winter Solar Gain To Heat The NORTH Side Of A Building
Session 3 – Many New Solar-Powered Cooling and Dehumidification Innovations
Superior Alternatives to Expensive Compressor-Based Air Conditioning
Session 4 – Innovative Building Materials and Superior Envelope Construction Techniques
Aggressive Objectives and Cost Effective New Superior Solutions
Challenging Questions and Answers

Due to the large volume of material to be presented, and the limited time available, questions will be submitted in writing (before or during the workshop), organized into topical groups, and dealt with at the end of the day, so as not to disrupt the scheduled flow of information during the body of the workshop. Participants are invited to submit questions of particular concern to Larry Hartweg by email ZEDmaster@ZeroEnergyDesign.com at any time before the Three Decades Of Lessons Learned Workshop begins. Hartweg will attempt to answer questions by email, and include answers in the workshop materials. He will be available throughout the conference for social interactions and technical discussions.

Larry Hartweg built his own first 5,000 sq .ft. Zero Energy Home in 1979. He swam in his 40,000-gallon solar-heated indoor pool in January with -10o F snow on the ground, and NO ENERGY BILLS. His Zero Energy Design® kept his home in the 70’s when it was 110o outside. His attic never rose above 90o on the hottest days of the hot summer. When Jimmy Carter created solar energy tax credits, Hartweg became the largest exhibitor and most popular speaker at the Nation Energy Expositions. He has been selected to present a workshop “Three Decades of Lessons Learned” at the DOE / ORNL International Buildings Conference in Clearwater Florida in 2007

Did you know, President Bush has one of the Greenest homes in the USA?? He believes in what we do, regardless to partisan politics. Everyone should to!

Zero Energy DesignZero Energy DesignZero Energy Design

If you would like to order a copy of the U.S. DOE/ ORNL Workshop CD-ROM, Click here

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Workshop Materials available in CD-ROM

You can Purchase a CD-ROM containing all presentation slides and photographs, 500+ supplemental Future Energy slides, short 3D movies of current Zero Energy Building Projects, and a .pdf file of the 800+ page book: Zero Energy Design® – Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature, which answers many important questions that you may not have thought to ask yet. The ZED CD-ROM is a comprehensive collection of Three Decades Of Lessons Learned, which includes innovative material and experience not available from any other source. Workshop participants are invited to have a free one-hour telephone conference with Larry after attending the workshop. He will be available to socialize, discuss expanding international Zero Energy possibilities, and his aggressive Vision for the near future during the rest of the conference.

If you would like to order a copy of the US DOE/ ORNL Work Shop CD-ROM, Click here
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Larry Hartweg

In 1979, Larry Hartweg constructed his own 5,000 sq. ft. near-Zero Energy Home, and swam in its 38-foot 90o F indoor pool, with no heating bills when there was 10o snow outside. It also kept itself cool and comfortable when the peak outside temperature broke a record at 110o F. The passive solar heating AND cooling design effort was a relatively EASY task for this unique Second Generation Energy Research Scientist. He quickly became the largest exhibitor and most-popular speaker at the National Energy Expositions. The meaningful Trade Mark for Zero Energy Design®, Inc. is:

Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature®

Larry has designed hundreds of Near-Zero Energy (and no-carbon-emission) buildings, constructed from Australia to the USA to Canada. 70% to 90% of why they work so well is Superior Energy Efficiency Technique. He calls his unprecedented insight, success, and design pattern heuristics “Holistic Systems Engineering,” which are documented in great detail in his 850-page “Zero Energy Design®” book, and over 3,000 slides in the Three Decades Of Lessons Learned DOE / ORNL full-day workshop.  ZED is arguably the NUMER ONE SOLUTION to the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM facing the world today.  Larry’s Emerald Eco-City Compelling Vision For A Bright 21st Century is now far beyond what he proved to be Very Cost Effective Decades Ago.

Hartweg briefly introduces realistic near-future alternative energy source developments, and then elaborates in detail about easy-to-implement Zero Energy Design® ideas, new materials, and his own design patterns throughout the ZED book and Three Decades Of Lessons Learned presentation.

As a soon to be Energy Research Scientist Larry constructed, understood, and presented a nuclear cloud chamber. It demonstrated Einstein’s Unified Field Theory “Weak Force”, which describes nuclear radioactivity. His university also had a grant to develop the hydrogen fuel cell for use in cars. He did post-graduate leading-edge studies at Stanford University, and directed corporate development funding for Stanford. Today, he maintains his interest in Quantum Physics and Alternative Energy Research, but his primary focus is

Cost-Effective, Pragmatic, Zero Energy Design® implementation – Super-Efficient Abundant-Energy Buildings that inexpensively produce as much power as they consume.

He explains that:
America does NOT have an energy technology problem today. What we lack is agility and education about Zero Energy Design® principles that were clearly demonstrated years ago.” Compelling Zero Energy Buildings are challenging to design, but relatively easy to construct – They are just VERY DIFFERENT from traditional industry inefficiencies. Some can even cost LESS per square foot than conventional construction – as low as $60 per sq. ft. in low-income-home-addition quantities.

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."
  - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Research Scientist

Hartweg’s professional developments have generated Multiple Billions of Dollars in Revenue, while lowering costs for consumers, and helping to improve the Earth’s delicate environment. You will be very pleased with his unequaled comprehensive compilation of Three Decades Of Lessons Learned. Many of Hartweg’s distinctive Zero Energy Design® specifics are available from no other source. The most powerful lesson that Larry’s father taught him has motivated his aggressive successful life:

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    Life Long Learning In An Ever Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities.

ZED has all of your future energy answers,NOW – What are YOUR questions?
E-Mail :  ZEDMaster@ZeroEnergyDesign.comTM

Larry Hartweg selected by U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE)
Oakridge National Labs (ORNL) to present his all-day workshop on
“Three Decades of Lessons Learned”
At the prestigious US DOE International Buildings
Conference in Clearwater, Florida - December 2007

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