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We Designs Homes, Buildings, Systems and Cities With NO Energy Bills!
Energy Is Arguably The Most Important Issue Facing The Entire World Today
Sustainable energy-efficient solutions benefit our economy and our environment


All-In-One, Multiple-Use, Modular, Configurable, Universal AC/DC Adapter, Battery Charger, Transformer Eliminator, Vampire Power Killer, and Uninterruptable Power Supply System Proposal


Basic Simplified Solution-Integration Concept:

Any voltage or Frequency AC or DC Power Input -
Automatic Sensing and Switch Over to Alternate Source
(for example, wall outlet versus batteries) – Input From:
220/50, 120/60, 12V DC, Windmill / Hydro / Muscle Generator,
Photovoltaic Solar Panels, Airplane Armrest Power, etc.

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Modular, Configurable, Universal, Small, Lightweight, Cool,
Efficient, Transformer Eliminator, Voltage Switcher,
Voltage Regulator, Vampire Power Killer, Surge Protector
and Uninterruptable Power Supply Product

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Programmable / Selectable Output Voltage, Direct Current Power Connectors
Supporting Thousands of Existing Devices, Scalable Add-On Synergistic Modules



One way to bring about long-overdue radical social-or-technological change is to get people to laugh at their own silly, obsolete, business-as-usual habitual behavior.


What’s wrong with this chaotic, silly, AC/DC power supply picture?

AC DC Adaptor Power Transformer Chaotic Mess



Suppose that alien archeologists visit Earth in the future, after humans are no longer here. When they dig through the rubble of 21st-century Earth homes and landfills they find the above curious artifacts. They are not just in one home, but also in almost every other home, vehicle, and office building. As the archeologists explore further, they find even more chaotic complexity from one continent to another. Do you think they would believe there had ever been intelligent life on Earth? What a foolish way to supply Earth’s diverse electronic power needs. (Chuckle)


Such an unnecessary, avoidable conglomeration of simple-but-incompatible power supplies makes no sense at all - when viewed as a whole. Each one demonstrates “reinventing the wheel” (so to speak), with no intelligent power-supply simplification standard.


Over time, this man-made mess was like slowly boiling a frog, until consumers arrived at a ridiculous end result.



The Electrical Transformer is a 140-year-old obsolete, inefficient 1870’s technology. See Wikipedia: Transformer


Transformers were used extensively in Nicola Tesla’s Westinghouse American power grid in the 1890’s.


Transformers have improved very little in over a century. They have always used a lot of non-renewable finite copper resource. We do NOT do a reasonable job of recycling valuable copper. Hundreds of millions of old transformers usually wind up in landfills, where the copper and other materials can seep into surrounding ground water. Higher levels of copper in drinking water can damage the liver and kidneys. Discarded copper transformers can pollute our environment and make it more toxic.


Modern households now have dozens of cumbersome inefficient copper transformers and AC / DC power adapters that generate unproductive heat and waste a lot of expensive energy – often 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. The price that copper transformers add to our explosion of new electronic devices adds up year-after-year.


Electronic-equipment transformers should now be replaced with less-expensive, modern, automated, intelligent, self-adapting, solid-state, silicon-based “voltage switchers.”


This more-efficient electricity-saving modern technology uses significantly less non-renewable, finite, toxic copper than heavier, inefficient, electrical power transformers.


There is now a growing billion-dollar worldwide residential-and-office market for such an easy-to-manufacture, scalable, modular, energy-efficient power supply product line.


Transformer Eliminators and Vampire Power Killers can save billions of dollars in electricity bills, free up investment capital, reduce the need for new dirty electric power plants, and thus reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions. This technology supports the consumer electronic industry Sustainable Planet effort. The concept is not new, but the widespread deployment of cost-effective energy-efficient electronic power supplies is long overdue.


Although Universal Transformer Eliminator and Vampire Power Killer internal electronics require highly-qualified power-supply engineering, the system complexity is hidden inside low-cost mass-produced integrated-circuit chips. The product-manufacturing cost is about the same as today’s uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems, which have a popular Retail Price Around $50 and up.


The rest is just a matter of growing a family of cost-effective, easy-to-use, modular, scalable, power system components.


One goal would be to make consumers LESS aware that our power-supply products even exist. Our smart systems would just automatically-and-more-efficiently do what is required, without user education or intervention - No need for redundancy, duplication or effort, reinventing the wheel, and incompatible short-sighted tactical solutions.


Today's electronic power-supply complexity is a direct measure of divergent, unplanned, industry immaturity. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci The world is full of complex problems that need to be quickly solved - many of them man-made. The best long-term solutions are both simple and sustainable. Things that violate this principle need to be phased out very soon. We are creatures who have grown addicted to many bad habits. Simplification innovation needs to be accelerated in today's competitive global economy.


The inventor of this innovative product line has a master’s degree in electronic engineering and computer science, and has developed similar certified classified industrial and military-quality power supplies - used in reliable, durable, systems on aircraft carriers, and in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s including the America-life-saving Predator and Global Hawk).


For many years, the inventor’s universal AC / DC power supplies have been used in General Electric nuclear power plants. The certification process for these reliable products was extensive.


The inventor now specializes in super-efficient micro-power supplies, used in state-of-the-art long-life high-tech handheld military devices and displays, which may soon be available in next-generation consumer smart phones, tablets, etc. Like the 1972 Internet, Department Of Defence research, development and advanced engineering funding often eventually finds its way into life-changing consumer product lines.


The experienced product inventor can provide detailed electrical schematic diagrams, electrical component parts lists, and working prototypes of the electronics to product developers.


What is still needed is to refine the design for maximum consumer usability, high-quality durable / reliable product modules, develop the manufacturing source, product packaging, distribution channels, and product promotion plan. The inventor insists that the green product packaging not use disposable petroleum-based plastic, or anything from trees.


The concept of eliminating electronic transformers is not unique. The innovation of our new product line is drastic reduction in the manufacturing cost of more-efficient, generic, multiple-use, solid-state components – making new power systems simpler and less expensive to purchase and operate than obsolete 1870’s transformers - which are still widely used today.

Like the 1972 Internet was in 1993, this new power-supply product line is a practical cost-effective technology whose time has finally come.



Simplified Internal-Component Block Diagram of our Basic Product Module:


Internal Block Diagram of Electrical Transformer Eliminator



Consider the similar simplification analogy of multiple electronic-device remote controls:

Today’s modular electronic systems were developed independently with little thought about holistic solution integration. Your entertainment center may have many hand-held remote controls for your set-top-box, video monitor (TV set), theater sound system, video game console, internet connection, etc. You may even have portable remote controls for things like ceiling fans, etc. The number of remotely-controlled devices is growing.


Universal Remote Control Analogy


Today, you can obtain a “Universal Remote Control.” It learns the different languages of a handful of remote controls – either by code programming, or by automatic sensing of the signal from each individual control. Some even have a flexible display screen.


Our Universal Transformer Eliminator and Vampire Power Killer is not a universal remote control unit, but it is a similar solution-simplification concept analogy. Our innovative power supply product line could however be integrated with existing universal remote control systems - synergistically improving the sustainability benefits of both.


One of the issues with Universal Remote Controls is that they only simplify one half of the problem – the device in your hand. The other half is the sensor system inside each individual electronic thing being controlled. They consume Vampire Power 24 / 365 - waiting for you to push the “ON” button.


The sensors in your electronic component modules waste electricity, generate useless waste heat, and cause electronic components to age while you are asleep, at work, or even on vacation. Electronic systems are constantly connected to the power grid, so if there is a power spike (lightning strike, etc.) every electronic device that you own can be fried in an instant. – Not a good thing!


See for yourself: Turn “OFF” everything electrical thing in your home, but leave your transformers, power bricks, AC adapters, and battery chargers plugged in. Go outside and look at your electric meter – It is still running up your electric bill.


Electric Meter


This wasted electricity is called “Vampire Power” – it sucks expensive energy 24 / 365. One device for one hour is not significant, BUT, dozens of devices 24 / 365 can add up to roughly 10% of your total annual electric bill (hundreds of dollars) – billions of dollars per year nationwide in USA homes alone. To solve bigger sustainable energy problems, we must deal with smaller-scale residential inefficiency, which rapidly multiples with a billion obsolete-technology devices in 120 million American households.


Vampire Power



Our new product line Eliminates Transformers, AND they can be used to automatically Kill Vampire Power consumption when systems are not in use (no need to unplug half a dozen power strips). You can configure the Vampire Killer solution to meet your specific needs, at minimal total annual electricity cost. The product could even report the energy that it has saved – to encourage consumers to use more of our products, and to tell their friends about the specific economic and environmental “green” advantages. Environmentally-friendly “green” people are proud of what they do to preserve the world.


One of the market-niche benefits of this innovative product line is for zero-energy “off the grid” homes - powered by photovoltaic solar panels, windmills, microhydro, etc. These green-energy systems do not deliver power 24 / 365. Electricity storage batteries are required. Do you want Vampire Power to unnecessarily draw down your storage batteries 24 / 365?


A Vampire Power Killer reduces the capital investment for comfortable off-the-grid living. The demand for such electricity-saving system solutions will increase in the future, as power company utility rates increase,  and free-fuel off-the-grid energy-collection system prices (like photovoltaic solar panels) continue to decline over time. Our government is providing incentives for homeowners to implement such job-creating sustainable systems. There will be an even larger growing marketplace in the future.


Vampire Power Killer – Controlled Power Strip Product Comparison: There are currently multiple useful products on the market today that are essentially a port-controlled power strip. A master device (like a PC) is plugged into a special control outlet, and then your related AC / DC adapter / transformers or power bricks for peripheral devices (like printer, scanner, external hard drives, etc.) are plugged into the controlled power outlets.


When the master device (such as a PC) is turned “ON”, the power strip supplies power to the controlled outlets for the peripheral devices. When the master is powered down (either manually, or by software automation when not in use), then the Vampire-Power-sucking peripheral devices are automatically also powered down. Anything that wakes up the master device will also wake up all related controlled peripheral devices.


One limitation of these simple devices is that the power strip will turn on ALL peripheral devices, even though you may not use things like your scanner all day long.


Our product invention proposal will be smarter than such overly-simplistic controlled power strips. In addition to saving more power, we will also reduce aging on devices that we power off when they are not in use. If you do not use a device like a scanner for days at a time, our Zero Energy Design ® system will automatically ensure that it receives zero power.


There are many things we can do with low-cost programmable voltage-switcher technology combined with power-usage-pattern-recognition sensors and logic to reduce Vampire Power waste. In the future, as our product line becomes popular, we can also work with original equipment manufacturers to better integrate our concepts into their products. All we need is a popular base product to set the future integration process and product line growth in motion – for a more Sustainable Planet.


You can of course reduce Vampire Power today by manually disconnecting devices from their power source when they are not in use, but most people do not take the time, and Vampire Power is currently wasting billions of dollars of expensive electricity worldwide every year.



Transformer Elimination: Transformers require alternating current (AC) power input. The American power grid standard for household electric outlets is 120-volt 60-cycle-per-second power. Most European and Asian power grids deliver 220-volt, 50-CPS power to outlets, with a variety of incompatible power connection plugs.


In contrast to AC, silicon-based integrated-circuit modern electronic equipment requires low-voltage direct current (DC). Modern solid-state LED (light emitting diode) illumination devices also require low-voltage DC adapters. Batteries store and deliver direct current. Photovoltaic solar cells also deliver DC, which is becoming more common every year as equipment prices decline.


 We now need many different inefficient adapters and connectors to convert power-grid AC to modern-equipment DC for operation, and charging DC batteries. This problem becomes more complex if you travel internationally with mobile electronic devices. There are many thousands of permutations and combinations required for AC source voltages, and wattage requirements of the different types of AC / DC devices attached to them. There are only a few international wall outlet standards, but then you need to plug AC / DC adapters into them.


International Wall Outlet Plug Adapters


Most transformer-based common international power adapters only support low-wattage devices, like electric razors, and small battery chargers. A different converter is required for high-wattage things like large-screen laptop computers with hard drives. The modular, scalable, configurable nature of our International Transformer Eliminator products can solve all of these problems.


Photovoltaic Solar Panels Are DC: A growing number of people with rooftop photovoltaic solar electricity panels must convert DC into AC using inefficient “power inverters.” The need for this will increase significantly in the future, as we move toward more use of free-fuel green-energy sources like photovoltaic solar panels. It is laughable and doubly inefficient to convert household AC from DC solar panels back to DC for our common electronic equipment. It may be significantly more efficient (for short distances) to connect DC solar panels to DC batteries, and DC electronic devices, without the energy inefficiency of converting to AC and then back to DC again.

Each conversion can lose up to 35% of expensive input energy.



Obsolete transformers and AC / DC adapters are inefficient. They consume expensive electric power, and generate useless waste heat (which increases power-company base-load requirements, and also summer air-conditioning requirement). If you have a computer room with multiple PC’s, it is probably the hottest room in your home.


Transformers are to modern voltage switchers what Thomas Edison’s 1890’s incandescent light bulb is to modern lower-operating-cost efficient lighting systems. Energy-wasting electronic-equipment transformers and incandescent light bulbs should rapidly be phased out, and replaced with lower-operating-cost modern solutions.


Transformers have one coil of copper wire that is connected to their AC power source.
There is a secondary copper coil that receives induced voltage from the primary coil.
If the secondary coil has fewer loops, the output voltage is less than the input voltage
(for example 120V input stepped down to 5V output for digital electronic devices).


Electrical Transformer Windings



The transformer primary input coil is constantly drawing power from its source, even if
there is nothing connected to the output coil. It radiants electromagnetic energy (radio waves),
which some medical research scientists suspect interacts with the iron in your red blood cells.
(People who work around large electric power transformers have an increased risk of leukemia.)

If you leave a transformer plugged in, it will measurably heat up,
even if it is not connected to the device that it provides power for.

There are many good reasons why electronic equipment transformers should be phased out,
especially in households with young children.


You can precisely measure the power being wasted with a volt / amp / watt multimeter.


You can feel the inefficient waste heat with your hand.


A nearby AM radio will pick up 50-or-60-cycle-per-second low frequency hum being radiated by any plugged-in small-or-large obsolete electrical transformer.


In a home theater or computer room, you can take an infrared thermal image that shows all of your transformers, power bricks, AC / DC adapters / chargers glowing with unproductive, expensive, detrimental infrared waste heat:


Infrared Thermograph of Waste Heat from Three AC DC Power Supply Bricks



At night, you can walk in to a dark home-theater room and see a wall of indicator lights and clocks, which represent your waste of Vampire Power - parasitically sucking expensive electrical energy 24 / 365 when you are not even in the room.



Most transformers are plug-in modules, but your home also has transformers that you cannot unplug, such as those for your low-voltage door bell, and air-conditioner / heating-system thermostat. You can measure the waste heat with a digital infrared spot thermometer – it will be warmer than the surrounding room temperature:


Digital Thermometer Showing Elevated Temperature of Thermostat  Low-Voltage Transformer


This picture shows an infrared thermometer reading of 85.6 degrees F – representing 24 / 365 unproductive hard-wired transformer electricity waste.

All electronic-equipment transformers should be replaced by intelligent, lower-cost, Voltage-switcher, Vampire Power Killer systems.


Fire Hazard Reduction:

Many children’s toys (such as slot car tracks, electric trains, etc.) have inefficient heat-generating low-voltage transformers that are certified safe by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – IF they are operated correctly.


Slot Car TrackInefficient Heat-Generating  Transformer Power Packs


When these warm transformers are operated in free-flowing room-temperature air, they are not a safety hazard – BUT, there are exceptions:


One of my neighbors had a son with a slot car track in his bedroom. The boy often went to bed with the heat-generating transformer power pack still plugged into the wall.


One morning, his bed quilt fell on the transformer (which trapped the heat that the transformer was generating 24-hours-a-day). Mom took her son to school, and when she got home, their house was on fire and filled with toxic damaging smoke. Their smoke detector alarm had gone off, but no one was home to hear it.


A smaller, cooler, solid-state Transformer Eliminator / Vampire Power Killer would have eliminated this costly fire hazard.


Hot toy electrical transformers SHOULD be illegal. Children do not understand the potentially-deadly fire hazard that transformers impose on their own family.



AC Electrical Product Safety  Certification Standard Logos


Product Safety Compliance Certification: Alternating Current (AC) devices that plug into wall outlets must be certified. Different countries have different certification standards. The process can be expensive and time consuming – delaying new product deployment and adding cost to the consumer. As the above example pointed out, even product certification does not ensure safety, IF the product is used incorrectly. Certified toasters do not require ground-fault circuit interrupters. If you drop one in a bathtub, it could be hazardous to your health. (snicker) Our power supply product line can include ground-fault circuit interrupters, so that even outrageous behavior of children can be blocked from creating avoidable hazards.


Low-voltage Direct Current (DC battery-operated) devices usually do not need the added expense or time delay associated with ETL certification.


By segmenting the AC components of our modular, configurable, product line from those components that are DC-to-DC-only (with solid-state voltage switchers that do not use electrical transformers), we only need to certify our base plug-in AC modules. This allows us to rapidly deliver innovative add-on DC-only components even faster, at lower cost, in the future.


Our encapsulated AC components are essentially power pack battery eliminators that supply low-voltage DC, which our switchers then adapt to thousands of specific devices.


Our DC components can operate from a wide-variety of battery voltages, watt-hour capacities, and / or wall-outlet transformer-eliminator / battery-eliminator power packs. They will have the ability to automatically switch from one power source to another, to provide uninterruptable power supply features. Simpler residential components will be cost-effective. Large-scale power supply systems for major website servers and data centers will offer a significant economy of scale to their prospective users.


Interchangeable plug-compatible components and connectors will support a wide variety of wattage capacities, selectable voltages, AC frequencies, and DC polarities (either + or -) with units that are smaller, lighter, simpler, more-flexible, cooler, more-energy-efficient, and eventually more-cost-effective than conventional obsolete transformer-based AC / DC adapters and power supplies.


Our comprehensive product family solutions integrate many proven technologies in a rapid-deployment innovative product line whose time has finally come.




Uninterruptable Power Sypply


Many homes with expensive entertainment and computing equipment have heavy inefficient $50+ battery-backup uninterruptable power supplies with voltage regulators and surge protection. These are some of the most-inefficient, high-operating-cost power supplies in any home. They generate a lot of measurable waste heat, even when everything plugged into them is turned “OFF”, and the internal batteries are fully charged. Just touch one with your hand, and feel the unproductive waste heat being radiated from a plugged-in UPS.


You purchase different-priced UPS systems based on: (1) The watts of power that you need to provide, and (2) How long you want it to continue running when you have a power outage (watt hours).


Imagine this silly kind of common extreme compound inefficiency: You plug your UPS into wall-outlet AC. It inefficiently transforms and rectifies AC down to low-voltage DC. Then, an inverter inefficiently converts it back into wall-outlet AC. Then, you plug computer AC-to-DC power bricks into the AC output of your UPS, and they inefficiently transform and rectify it into DC needed for individual devices. Each transformer / inverter step can lose 10% to 35% of available input energy.


IF you are now laughing out loud at today's silly inefficient UPS business-as-usual, then you’ll love our new smaller, more-flexible, cooler, more-efficient power supply product line.



When you have an extended power outage (after a wind storm, etc.), most UPS systems do not have a simple DC-to-DC way to recharge the batteries (with a temporary DC solar panel, generator powered by hand, bicycle, etc.).


There are a number of interesting all-in-one battery-operated devices on the market that have a weather-alert radio and flashlight, plus a hand-crank electrical generator, and small solar panel that can be used to charge the internal battery, or connect to external USB-power devices to charge their batteries on a camping trip, power outage, etc.


Hand Crank Radio Flashlight USB Device Charger

Our power supply family of compatible modules will support these low-wattage functions, plus be scalable to larger generators powered by a bicycle, windmill, or water wheel / turbine. They can be scalable to any wattage temporary-mobile or permanent solar panels. They can be used to recharge UPS batteries during a period of extended wall outlet power outage. They could even be used as a booster to help jump start a dead car battery.


UPS batteries age with normal usage. They are heavy, and they eventually need to be replaced. In some poorly-designed inexpensive UPS products, 24 / 365 continual overcharging may even shorten the life expectancy of the batteries. You may not discover the need for new batteries until there is a power outage, and they quickly run down faster than they were originally rated for. As rechargeable batteries age, they are conceptually similar to having a gas tank in your car that gets progressively-smaller with age - Old batteries can store less energy than new ones do.


Our intelligent systems can avoid overcharging, monitor, test and notify owners when batteries need to be replaced. Flexible, configurable, battery systems can be isolated and easily-replaced, since they seldom last as long as the reliable UPS electronic components. When new battery and fuel-cell technologies become available in the future, our flexible configurable power-supply electronic components should easily accommodate and integrate them with existing power supply component modules.


Our more-flexible Transformer Eliminator / UPS module can solve the above common problems. You can define your own cost-effective battery system, which might be cheaper nickel metal hydride or longer-lasting lithium rechargeable batteries (on a wearable belt), batteries used in children’s electric cars and motorcycles, car batteries, deep-discharge trolling-motor batteries, large truck-or-ship batteries, industrial chemical battery systems, surplus electric submarine batteries, or future innovative, cost-effective, new fuel-cell technologies.


Different configurable, scalable, battery-support modules (in different watt-hour capacities and price ranges) could quickly be made available, based on demand. No certification delays are required for inherently-safe low-voltage DC-only devices.


Inefficient transformer-based UPS systems should be eliminated. We now have the proven modern technology to do this for less-than the cost of a business-as-usual UPS.




Consider the obsolete power supplies inside hundreds of millions of common desktop computers:

Inefficient Common Desktop Personal Computer Internal Power Supply


Since 1980, personal computer processors and memory chips have made giant strides forward – doubling and redoubling processing power, while putting millions more elements in smaller space, lowering cost, and consuming less electric power per cycle than ever before. HOWEVER, the desktop-and-server computer power supplies remain unevolved and almost unchanged since 1980. A far-superior solution is long overdue.


Obsolete PC power supplies have a large, inefficient, 1870’s-technology transformer, which generates a lot of useless, component-damaging heat. This heat is so significant that they must have a high-capacity fan to keep internal computer components from burning up. Even so, radiant heat causes the components to age, and eventually the power supply (or the entire computer) may need to be replaced.


It would be simple and straight forward for us to provide a plug-compatible PC Power Supply Transformer Eliminator, which would require no changes to the rest of the computer design. Our product would be smaller, lighter, cooler, and much-more energy efficient. It would reduce the world’s growing demand for non-renewable finite copper.


Our Transformer Eliminator could be sold as a “greener” replacement part, or to PC original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s that just plug together off-the-shelf components from multiple sources).


When produced in large volume, our systems would be cost-competitive (or less than the price of) conventional power supplies. The immediate potential market is hundreds of millions of units. (The Zero Energy Design® project alone will need millions of these units.)



Scalability: Today’s large Internet websites and data centers have hundreds of server computers with similar inefficient 1870’s transformer-based power supplies. Worldwide, they consume billions of dollars of expensive electricity, and require high-capacity air-conditioning systems. Server-system design engineers habitually use off-the-shelf power supplies, instead of learning about more-efficient state-of-the-art solid-state switchers.


For server farms, we could eventually provide a very-efficient scalable, modular, transformer eliminator / UPS system. It would ELIMINATE the individual transformer power supplies inside each chassis, and replace many of them with a high-wattage redundant reliable off-the-shelf power source that just has cables to each chassis.


Data Center Server Farms - Major Economy Of Scale
- Electricity and Air Conditioning Cost Reduction
- Less Heat Means Longer-Lasting Component Parts


Data Center Server Farm


Could save billions of dollars in annual worldwide operating expenses


The win / win worldwide green market potential is enormous. Someone is going to eventually do it. Will it be us?


It all begins with a simple widely-used cost-effective inexpensive residential Universal Transformer Eliminator and Vampire Killer.



Form Follows Function, Features, and Fashion

There are many power supply partial-solution examples for us to compare today, as we try to envision what our new modular product line components should look like. In all cases, they will be smaller, lighter, cooler, and more energy efficient than transformer-based predecessor products. They will be more flexible and adaptable than products designed for just one specific device. Fewer modules will be require for more functional capabilities.


By producing them in higher volumes with more uses per module, we will take advantage of economy of scale manufacturing simplification.


The key will be to make them attractive and easier to use than the hodgepodge of previous chaotically-complex power supplies and battery chargers.


Some modules may have electronic smart chips embedded in the connectors (with no extra cube or brick required). Some connection hubs may look like a flat pancake with outlets for device adaptors around the perimeter. Still others may be more cylindrical or spherical in shape. For chassis-mount internal power supplies, existing chassis-mount formats may be used, with more function per cubic inch. Other versions may be boards or blades in conventional mounting systems. Each one is an interesting marketing / usability design issue - yet to be resolved in detail.


Inventor Motivation

This proposed new power supply product line is part of the Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature ® Environmental Protection Program. Product proceeds go to the prototype development.


We are also interested in working with original equipment manufacturers to integrate our multiple-use innovative power supply products with many electronic devices.


Data center server farms may contact us about custom designing energy-and-air-conditioning-saving reliable power supply systems for them.



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